Folk Tale : The Legend of Reog Ponorogo

23 Mar

A long time ago there was a big kingdom in Java, named Kediri. The king was very old. He had a handsome son and a beautiful daughter. The prince liked fighting very much. Every day he practiced, out he still felt dissatisfied. He wanted to learn about it from somebody out of his kingdom, but he didn’t have the courage to tell his father about it.

One day the king called his children. He said to his son,”My, you know I am growing old. I think this is the right time for you to be the King”. How surprised the prince was. He was still unprepared to take this position, but he didn’t dare to refuse it. So, he decided to leave Kediri an went to Ponorogo. No one knew him as he disguised himself as a common person. He tried to get a job in Ponorogo palace and he was accepted. Day by day the King of Ponorogo saw that his new guard had a good skill. So he decided to give him a prince position. How happy he was. The King liked him very much.

One day, the King of Ponorogo ordered his prince to go to Kediri. The King wanted Princess of Kediri to be his wife. How confused the Prince was. He had to go to Kediri, and meet his father. he was very sure that his father would be very angry if he new that he was still alive and didn’t take the King position. But he didn’t dare to refuse the King of Ponorogo’s order.

One morning, he left Ponorogo palace and went to Kediri. He gad a good idea to avoid his father’s anger. He use a mask. A mask of a giant face. And it worked. Nobody recognized him. But the King of Kediri was very angry to hear that his daughter had been proposed by the King of Ponorogo. Actually he never met the King of ponorogo, but after seeing yhe Prince who had a giant face, he thought tha the King of Ponorogo was giant too.

“No, I refuse your King’s proposal. How can I let my daughter be the wife of a giant,” said the King of Kediri angrily.

“No your highness. You are wrong. The King of Kediri is a handsome man. He is not a giant,” said the Prince.

“How I can believe you? Just look at you. You are his prince, and you are a giant. So I’ve no doubt that your king is also giant,” said King of Kediri.

“Your highness, will you believe me if I tell that I am your son who left you many years ago?” asked the Prince.

“No. I don’t believe you. Let me tell you something. I have forgotten my son. I don’t have a coward son who left his family and his duty to be a king and about you, you are a GIANT!!!,” said the KIn of Kediri angrily, because there was a giant who confessed to being his son.

Suddenly there was a light. Surprisingly the mask of the prince could not open. The Prince had become a giant. A real giant. How sad the prince was. The princess who saw what had happened to her brother, was very sad too. She came to her brother’s room at night. “My poor brother. I believe in you. You are my brother who left us many years ago. ” I’m really sorry about that, my dear sister”, said the prince.

“My brother, I am really sad about you’re face. But I am sure that there is a way to get your face back again I am also sure that if I accept your King’s proposal, your face will return. So, tellhim that I accept his proposal witj condition, he must come here accompanied by a soldier of lion.

Early in the morning the prince went home to ponorogo and told his king about what happened. The King of Ponorogo was very sad to know about his prince’s face. So he ordered him to do what the princess has asked. The prince entered the forest and soon he could collect many lions. On his why home, his face became handsome again.

Meanwhile in the forest, Singa Barong. The King of lons wasvery angry after seing what happened to his soldiers. So he called his friend, the King of Peacocks, to talk about it. They decided to wait until the King of Ponorogo was on his way to Kediri.

On the sunny day, when the King of Ponorogo and his soldiers were on their way to Kediri, they were held up by Singa Barong and his soldiers. Suddenly there was a fight between Singa Barong’s soldiers and Ponorogo soldiers. Teh Peacocks flew up and down, flapping their wings to give support to Singa Barong. Soon, many of ponorogo soldiers were dead. There were still the Prince and The king of Ponorogo. But the prince had a terrific fight which made the soldier of Singa Barong afraid and at last there were just Singa Barong and the Prince. Finally, the prince killed Singa Barong. His head was separated from his body. All of the peacocks were very sad. They flew around Singa Barong. It looked like a beautiful fan.

Finally the king of Ponorogo was accepted by the King of Kediri. The Princess was willing to be his wife and they lived happily in Ponorogo.

But for many years they didn’t have any children. The Princess was very sad. So she decided to go home to Kediri for a moment. as long as his wife was in Kediri, The King of Ponorogo was very sad. The prince knew it, so he tried to entertain him. He created a dance which reminded them of the way the King of Ponorogo got his wife. In this dance the King of Ponorogo is represented by a handsome dancer. The prince is represented by a dancer with a big frightening eyes. And Singa Barong is represented by a dancer witk a mask of a lion with peacock feathers on his head. He also carries a beautiful dancer representing the princess. The King of Ponorogo was very happy.

Nowadays this dance is well – known as Reog Ponorogo. A lot of People like it very much!

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